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More Recipes from Featured Chefs

Ken Hom is the nation’s favourite Chinese chef and this is his best 100 stir-fry recipes.
Healthy to recipes for entertaining friends, curries to salads – all made in the wok.

Let your oven do the work as James shows how cooking slowly is the perfect way to draw out flavours and textures, enabling you to produce mouthwatering dishes with minimum effort.

Francesco Mazzei hails from Calabria – the toe on Italy’s boot. His first book dishes up ‘80 terrific southern Italian recipes’ to introduce you to the glorious food of Southern Italy.

Ching transformed her health when she began eating clean. Embracing natural produce cooked simply. Fresh, vibrant flavours that make you feel bright, healthy and energised.

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James Martin hosts a cookery show full of mouth-watering food, great chefs and celebrity guests. Viewers get to vote on which recipe Martin will prepare at the end of each episode. Also featured is a regular wine-tasting segment.

Saturday Kitchen has become a national institution and its enduring popularity shows how food has moved from functional niche to ‘mainstream lifestyle’. Its theme tune is now as much a signifier of a Saturday as a leisurely late breakfast, visiting the shops or Match of the Day.

Millions start the weekend by waking up to James Martin and an assortment of chefs and celebrities with books or films to promote, with the show competing with the more traditional talk show formats as a number one choice for agents. Meanwhile the Saturday Kitchen recipes, the memorable ‘food heaven and hell’ and the ongoing ‘omelette challenge’ are now part of the national lexicon.